Its been a really busy season,  but my favourite time of year has arrived, and in theory everything slows down.  This is the perfect time where we wake to chilly mornings with clear blue skies and bright sunshine, warming up to 24 degrees perfect for beach walks, hikes, stand up paddle boarding, sailing or afternoon swims. The tourist season is over, there is a calmer laid back atmosphere as the locals knuckle down to winter work. The olives are being picked now, everywhere is the whirr of the mechanical rotators and big black nets spread on the ground- including the roads!- to catch the olives. Neighbours and friends work together, be it a grove or one tree in a garden. Sacks of the olives are transported on pick up trucks, or cars so laden the tail gates scrape the floors, to the olive oil factory which works 24 hours a day to press the olives within 3 days of picking. The smell of oil scents the air, as does wood smoke as they burn tree trimmings.  Outside the factory, farmers enjoy communal bbqs as they wait to collect their oil, coming out florescent green and tasting like no oil you’ve ever had before.

It feels strangely springlike, this is lambing season, and the cutest lambs gambol on the hillsides by their mothers, and this is hunting season too so early morning or late afternoon you hear the alarming sound of gunshot as you pray the little birds and hares have escaped! 

How’s the weather where you are? Hop on a plane, come enjoy an out of season break and join the olive pickers!  


Olive picking holidays are popular.