When working to a budget it's usual to think - do we really need flowers? The beauty of getting married in Crete are the stunning locations: having a beach wedding, a country estate party, a roof terrace reception you have a head start! But flowers add a beautiful touch,  a subtle embellishment of palest blush or a big splash of vibrant colour. However in the heat of summer, consider the type of flowers. Roses come in an array of shapes and colours and last longer than a delicate lily. Floral arrangements can be then given as thank you gifts at the end of the night too. Why not add herbs into a bouquet for fragrance, or for meaning:

 Rosemary was used for weddings by Ancient Greek brides in their bridal crowns.  Today rosemary can dress a boutonniere, a place setting, be given as a guest favor or add texture to a floral arrangement.

Marjoram is the Greek symbol of joy and happiness.  Marjoram also represents goodwill as the couple starts their new life.  Marjoram was also used by Ancient Greek brides in their bridal crowns.  This herb can add subtle interest to many flower combinations and most wouldn’t even know what it is.

Lavender is the herb of devotion.  Lavender is used in wedding bouquets for symbol of devotion as well as the signature aroma of the herb.  Lavender has a soothing fragrance that can help calm the bride’s nerves.  Lavender is probably the most popular herb of today and has been used in countless weddings in many different ways.

Thyme is the symbol of strength and courage.  For courage brides tuck thyme into their bouquet and tie it with white ribbon.  Thyme was also tucked into knights armor before battle to give them strength and courage. 

Sage is the herb of long life, good health, and domestic sweetness.  If sage and garlic are both carried by a bride it was believed to give her great wisdom as well as goodness.  For the modern day, sage is a nice addition to centerpieces, depending on the variety, like prairie sage, there is a beautiful blue-green shade to use.

Dill is the herb of lust.  It was believed that a bride would only lust for her husband if she carried dill in her bouquet.  Besides its meaning, dill can add a soft texture to your bouquet too. 


Simple flowers can add the finishing touch.