Summer in Crete is like a fully charged Duracell bunny!  July and August hosts a string of diverse cultural events, from art and theatre to panigiris- festivals arranged competitively village by village, usually consisting of live musicians from all over Greece, lots of BBQ food, local wine and beer and dancing into the small hours.

A wander around Chania last night we stumbled upon an open air opera in the ancient ruins,  a naval band playing in the harbour, and a Greek rock concert in a bar! Check out Crete events for latest.

Locally we have Jazz in July, live bands including my favourite Small Change for 80's music, the local orchestra Vamos Ensemble on the beach and Classical Greek music in Ancient Aptera to celebrate the partial lunar eclipse. I came home to a full on Rock Festival at the end of my road!!  

As my London friend remarked in surprise - who knew so much happened in a small Greek village!!