Our weddings totally reflected our personalities, and we believe this is the secret of a successful wedding!

Claudia is boho, laid back, no fuss and natural.

Venue: 18 years ago, a summer wedding in August, in the townhall registry office set in a fortress in a small German town. A tractor towing a wagon transported the whole wedding party firstly to her parents house for traditional champagne and soup, then later to a barn for the party.

Food: With a buffet with cake and coffee dessert, friends and family contributed with readings, speeches and small 'skits' for entertainment, some Greek dancers to honour her Greek husband, then ending with dancing to her brothers rock band until the sun came up and guests collapsed on hay bales.

Style: wild flowers, tractors and very relaxed.

Dress: simple white boho dress, flip flops, wildflower bouquet, no bridesmaids, no hair or make up! 

Next time: Neisha's wedding.